Motorcycle Loans

Looking to hit the open road on a new motorcycle? We can help finance that great new bike and help you save money over the term of the loan. With our quick and simple pre-approval, flexible terms, and same day approval in most cases, hitting the open road has never been so easy.


  •  Loan terms up to 108 months for new motorcycles and 84 months for used motorcycles
  •  Refinance your current motorcycle loan to save
  •  No prepayment penalties, and reduce your interest by paying early
  •  Same day approval in most application cases
  •  Save even more when you have your checking account with GMFCU

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Be One Step Ahead of the Dealership, Get Preapproved

Why does pre approval help you? When you walk into the dealership with a preapproval the dealers know you are ready to buy. They will be ready to make a great deal to get your business. You will get the deal you want, and have the low-rate financing you need.

Flexible Terms to get the Motorcycle You Need

Each term length comes with its very own advantages and disadvantages. Short term motorcycle loans let you pay back your bike in less time, and you save in interest paid. On the other hand, there's a downside: the payments are much higher. Longer motorcycle loans give you smaller repayments over a greater period of time, but with paying more interest over time. Work with our loan officers to find the best fit for you.

Simple Application Process with a Quick Approval

At GMFCU we want the application process to be as efficient and as smooth as possible. We will work to get you pre-approved quickly so that you can negotiate the best deal you can for your new sport vehicle. After you have your deal, we will complete the loan documents and send the funds to the dealer so you can pickup your new sport vehicle.

Refinancing Options

If you financed at the dealership or elsewhere and lower your payments, your interest rate or both at GMFCU! We offer easy refinancing of your current loan with terms up to 108 months, and financing options to suit what you need.


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