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Member Savings Accounts

No matter what you save for, how you save, we can help your money grow faster with our savings accounts.


  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • Quarterly Dividends
  • $15 minimum balance
  • Easy to use online/mobile banking
  • Set up direct deposits or electronic transfers
  • Mobile Remote Deposit App
  • Free ATM card

Access your account when and where you want

Access the account how you want too

We have many ways you can have access to your account. You can use our online banking, mobile banking, ATM’s, Audio banking, our convenient branches or call us at 518-642-8100.

Deposit checks with your smartphone

Depositing money into your savings account is a snap with our easy to use Mobile Remote Deposit App. Download from the Apple Store or Google Store and set up your account with a Member Service Representative. Then you are able to take photos of checks and deposit into your account whenever you have time.

Your savings account can be used for Overdraft Protection

Your savings account can help you avoid getting charged with overdraft penalties on your checking account. When you have your checking account at GMFCU and opt-in to our Overdraft Protection we will automatically transfer money to your checking account to avoid any overdrafts. You will pay a small fee of $3 per item, which will save you the much larger overdraft fees and embarrassment of having an item returned.

Sub-Savings Accounts / Club Accounts

Whether you are saving for college, a vacation, a wedding or retirement a separate savings account is the perfect way to save.

No Fees, No Minimum Balance

This is your money. We won’t tell you when you can have access to it, or fee you on it with our sub-savings or club accounts. You deposit and withdraw as you want. Whether its for vacation, the holidays, or whatever you choose, save how you want to save, and do it without early withdrawal fees, or minimum balances.


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