During the giving season, we’ve decided to giveaway 50 hockey tickets to various Adirondack Thunder games to our members. The winners of the tickets against Reading on Saturday,  February 29th, are as follows: 


Winners of the 4 pack of tickets:
Art Smith 
Rebecca Eddy 
Lisa Diagle 
Jim Terrio 
Mary Forrest 
Erica White 
Greg Gould 
Chris Martelle 
John Gregory 
Julie Dowett
Winners of the 2 pack of tickets:
Fay Mastrianni 
Susan Vannier 
Stephen Brooks 
Rich French 
Rachel Dodge
Congratulations to these members! Didn’t see your name on this list? We have more giveaways coming! Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details and to enter.