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Great Meadow Federal Credit Union was established in 1956 to serve the employees of the Great Meadow Correctional Facility and members of their immediate families. In 1985 membership grew to serve employees of the Department of Social Services of Washington County, and in 2000 expanded to include any employee of Washington County, employees at Washington Correctional Facility and employees of the Village of Granville.  Since 2000 GMFCU has added over 30 employee groups so that their employees, members, and family members can take advantage of the benefits of Great Meadow FCU.  

As the credit union continued to grow and word got out about the financial benefits of banking with a local financial institution, the leaders and volunteer board of Great Meadow heard from many that wanted to join the credit union with their friends and neighbors.  

Since Washington County was lacking a credit union presence in much of the area, and Warren County only had one other community chartered credit union, we listened to the voices of many. Becoming a "community charter" allows GMFCU to serve all of those in our community, regardless of where they work or go to school. 


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What Makes Us Different

GMFCU is not just your ordinary Federal Credit Union. Find out what makes us different.

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Meet Our Leaders

Meet our leaders at GMFCU.

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Giving Back To Our Communities

As GMFCU continues its deep commitment to the communities we serve, the following guidelines will assist in determining the best use of the funds allocated annually for community related charitable contributions.

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Media Room

Latest news and upcoming events.

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Holiday Schedule

Great Meadow FCU Holiday Schedule.

Who Can Join

Membership in Great Meadow Federal Credit Union is available to any employee, retiree, or family member of an employee working at or retired from the following select employee groups...

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