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Who We Are

Our Mission

“The mission of the Great Meadow Federal Credit Union is to provide a strong, safe and reliable place of savings and lending to our members.”

The elected officials, staff and management of Great Meadow Federal Credit Union are fully committed to assisting the member/owners of our organization by providing an alternative to traditional-for-profit banking services. We will therefore, strive to provide our family of members with enhanced value. Thus, we will price our services in such a manner as to provide the lowest possible cost to our members.

Core Values

Financial Soundness.
Pricing of Savings and Loan products.
Service and Trust.
A knowledgeable Staff, Management and Board of Directors.

Our Vision

“We are a credit union rooted in tradition, providing excellent service and pricing with a continuous vision towards the future.”


GMFCU is audited by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. Government Agency, to ensure that we adhere to safe and sound operational practices.