Regular Share Savings

Your Share Savings Account represents ownership and membership in the credit union.

  • Minimum $15 balance required

  • No minimum balance required above $100 to earn interest (interest applied at the end of each quarter)

Club / Sub-Savings Accounts

Save up for the holidays or a well-deserved vacation.

  • Deposits can be made in person, through payroll deduction, or by mail

  • Funds can be withdrawn at any time without penalty

  • Open this account for any of your savings needs

Share Certificates (CD's)

A more secure place to save your money and still have it work hard for you. Typically, the longer you put your money in, the higher dividends it pays.

  • Terms from 6 mnths to 60 months

  • Minimum deposit required

  • Ask your Member Service Representative or click for current rates.