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Membership in Great Meadow Federal Credit Union is available to any employee, retiree, or family member of an employee working at or retired from the following select employee groups;

  • Great Meadow Correctional Facility
  • Washington Correctional Facility
  • Washington County
  • Village of Granville
  • Village of Fort Edward
  • Granville, NY United States Postal Office
  • Manchester News, Inc.
  • The Orchard Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre
  • Town of Whitehall
  • Skene Valley and M Shaw Insurance Agencies
  • Indian River Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 
  • Town of Granville
  • Schoony's Country Market
  • Vittengl Ford
  • Bardin's Tire Service
  • Subway of Whitehall
  • Holbrook Adult Home
  • Border Riders Snowmobile Club of Granville, NY
  • Granville Family Dentistry
  • Granville Rescue Squad
  • St. Ann Transportation
  • Whitehall Volunteer Fire Company
  • Telescope Casual Furniture
  • National Grid Employees (Glens Falls, Saratoga, Mountain and Champlain Districts)
  • Sheldon Excavating
  • A.J.'s Restaurant
  • American Legion Post 323, Granville, NY


Select Employment Groups 

Local employers have joined Great Meadow FCU as a select employment group (SEG) so that the company can offer Great Meadow FCU as an benefit to the employees.

If your company is interested in providing Credit Union benefits to employees working in our local area, please call 518-639-8655 for more information. 

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